The guys from Sol3 Mio reveal how they are staying cool this summer

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Tuesday, 29 January 2019, 2:51PM

When the hot months hit, a lot of Kiwis turn to the pool, beach or some more drastic measures to stay cool. 

A few keen Aussie blokes even filled their car with water and drove around in it earlier this month.

When asked about their method of keeping cool, the boys from Sol3 Mio gave some very unique answers.

"Well sometimes I like to stand on my front lawn and have the hose sprinkling around me while I'm standing in my undies," Moses said.

"While I'm doing the lawns at the same time," he added.

Pene had a different approach, "I just wet everything and walk around, so I'm getting cool naturally. And in fact, I think people get cool around me because I'm a cool guy, he joked.


While the guys were in the studio, they also treated us to an amazing performance of Crowded House's 'Better Be Home Soon'.

Take a look at it here:

Just listen to those beautiful harmonies! 

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