Toni, Jase & Sam's Friday Journals: 17th May

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Friday, 17 May 2024, 11:25AM

Each week, Toni, Jase and Sam share their Friday Journals.

Take a read of them below. 



Dear journal,

Isn’t it a wonderful feeling when you receive outstanding service?

I’m sorry to say it doesn’t happy all that often, but when it does it fills your cup, you’re so thankful to that person for going the extra mile and just being amazing at what they do.

About three years ago I took the slightly scary step of getting my eyebrows feathered or tattooed and Shari from my Takapuna local did a phenomenal job. So good that when it came time to top them up this week, I naturally only wanted her to do them – the problem is, she now lives in Waiuku which is about a one and a quarter hour drive in no traffic. It was so far away that the radio frequencies in my car were crossing over to the Waikato catchment.

Even though I hit traffic on the way home which made the round trip approximately three hours total, I’d do it again in a heartbeat because excellent service is a rare and wonderful thing and these people deserve our loyalty.



Hi journal,

Birthdays are a funny thing as you get older. Obviously the more you have the luckier you are, but as the numbers keep growing - the celebrations get smaller. What used to be a gathering of friends, some party food like cheerios and tomato sauce, a cake, a game of pin the tail on the donkey and pass the parcel - is now a day of phone calls, texts, emails, messages on social media and special cards from special people.

I'm still a kid at heart tho 'cos even these days, I still butterflies in my tummy 'cos I'm excited about my birthday

I turned 48 and was absolutely spoiled with so many lovely kind words - most of which I'm not sure I really qualify for - but I'm thankful for them. I also noticed a few people gasp, sigh and warn me that I'm getting close to 50 and that it's all downhill from then!

But surely that's not true for everyone? I like to think by then you have the experiences to help you not sweat the small stuff - besides, I've still got 2 victory laps of the 40s and then the fun will REALLY begin! I'm not gonna let getting older get me down... it's too hard to get back up again!



Dear Journal

I think ive worked out why David Seymour so desperately wants cold and flu medicine back.

This week I got cold. Not a flu, just a cold. I felt a bit miserable, but life goes on in a family unit. The kids need to be fed and encouraged but mostly driven everywhere. So, where does that leave a middle aged male who’s feeling sorry for him self? Nowhere.

I had to make my own packet soup! Nobody rubbed my back or bought me a vitamin c rich orange juice. I was given less than empathy. I was a liability!

So what’s changed? Three kids. This is my first cold since we had three kids.

So who’s going to come to my rescue now? Not my mum. Not my wife. It’s David Seymour. As a man that's unlikely to have his back rubbed by anyone. Like me, he knows the importance of good cold and flu tablet, and they will be on the shelves soon! Thanks David.


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