Toni, Jase & Sam's Friday Journals: 24th May

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Friday, 24 May 2024, 9:49AM

Each week, Toni, Jase and Sam share their Friday Journals.

Take a read of them below. 



Dear Journal,

When was the last time you told someone who goes the extra mile for you, that you appreciate them? This dawned on me this week when I realised we had finished the athletics season and we hadn’t properly acknowledged the guy who runs the place.. yes we’d said thank you on prizegiving day, but I mean properly thank him so this person knows just how much everyone appreciates his dedication to our kids.

Dan is a busy man with two kids of his own, and he’s a fire fighter and training for the world firefighting champs.. yet every Wednesday he turns up to the Takapuna Athletics club (yes the club that has produced Jacko Gill, Eliza McCartney and Imogen Ayr just to name a few) .. and Dan brings the magic, he runs a slick operation, he gets Olympians in to inspire the kids, he jokes with the kids, cheers them on and gives them a hurry up when they need it. It simply wouldn’t be the same club without him. He doesn’t get paid to do this, he does it because he loves the sport and his community. So, on a cold and grey Tuesday well after the season had finished three of his youngest female athletes knocked on his door, said a proper thank you and presented him with a small gift. It made my heart swell seeing his reaction and he later told us it was the highlight of his week. We don’t do it enough… so my message ahead of the weekend is to tell people when they’re performing like a total boss.



Hi Journal,

I love being a Dad. It's the label I've worked hard to earn and I wear it with pride.
But some days ... Some days that badge is easier to wear than others. Some days when you're trying to pin the badge on - it pricks you

There's no guidebook and if we're honest - we're all just winging it, trying our hardest and hoping for the best. But last Saturday I was lost for answers when our 8yr old woke up and decided he didn't WANT to play football that day. 
He was too tired, it was too cold and he was crying. To be fair it was 7:30 and 3deg outside ... And I was calling on every tip or piece of advice or guidance I've learned from every parenting book and  seminar and course I've ever been to - Nathan Wallis's wise words ringing in my ears - almost as loudly as the tantrum unfolding in front of me

Olly's team needed him. And I wasn't about to be THAT family who didn't show up 
So I tried calmly pointing to the Spiderman poster on his wall telling him he was just like Spidey and his team mates The Hulk and Thor and Ironman needed him. It didn't work but after much bribery and promises and threats to pull him out of the team - he finally agreed to let me take him to soccer. I still don't know what the turning point was - but I can tell you at one stage his tantrum over the car door being opened - was only surpassed by his tantrum over the car door being closed  

Ahhh parenting. It's like making a protein shake in a blender ... without the lid on.



Dear Journal,

As a parent having time to remember who you are is so important.

To connect with old friends.
To be able to do things without one of the kids demanding food.
Or shouting at you cos you opened their snack when they wanted to do it themselves.
To feel some kind of release from what can at times feel like your on house arrest in your own home.

So this weekend. My wife is going away Mt Maunganui with her school friends.
And I’m happy for her. I want her to drink and be fancy free.

The thing is with 3 young kids. It’s a two person job. And I know she will be feeling the burden she has placed upon me.

I will not even reference the fact that I’ve never had a weekend away with my friends or even a lunch.

And I know it’s purely a coincidence that her wedding ring is getting fixed this weekend hence why she can’t wear it.

Girls' weekends are a great idea. I’m happy for her. Break a leg. Knock yourself out. And if you do need me I’m just at home doing everything.


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