Toni Street shares her ultimate life hack for quickly shucking corn

Publish Date
Wednesday, 3 February 2021, 1:52PM

Nothing says summer like sweet corn.

But we all know one of the biggest time-consuming nuisances for any home cook is prepping corn on the cob.

Shucking corn is just downright painful, thanks to all of those silk strings that hide in the crevices of the kernel rows.

However, Toni Street is here to help!

Streety has just discovered the ultimate trick for removing the husk and corn silks.

Taking to Instagram, the mother-of-three shared a video of herself quickly and easily preparing her corn.

First, you put the corn in its husk in a microwave on high for about three minutes.

Then all you need to do is cut the base off the husk, grab the top of the corn and shake the cob out.

It should easily slide out - WITHOUT those annoying stringy silk threads.

Better living everyone!

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