Toni Street's husband Matt shares his ultimate life hack for stacking wine glasses in the dishwasher

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Monday, 14 November 2022, 10:04AM

When you've just finished a glass of your favourite Sauvignon Blanc, there's nothing more daunting that the tricky task of cleaning your glass.

Because let's be honest, the last thing you feel like doing after a relaxing glass of vino is washing dishes. 

But instead of painstakingly handwashing each wine glass, Toni Street's husband Matt has just discovered the ultimate life hack for stacking wine glasses in the dishwasher.

Taking to Instagram, Matt shared a video of himself showing off his new trick ... 

To ensure your glasses come out sparkling, place them securely upside down in the upper rack by adjusting the position of the rack to accommodate the stems.

By angling the wine glasses in the dishwasher rack vertically, the water drains completely out of the glass, which reduces cloudiness or marks after the glass dries.

This means more time can be spent drinking your favourite wines and less time cleaning.

So kick back, take a sip, and let your dishwasher do the rest.

Better living everyone!

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