Toni's 40 things in 40 days before 40!

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Tuesday, 8 August 2023, 6:13AM

Toni's about to turn 40 so she's counting down by doing 40 things in 40 days!

Follow along to see what she gets up to!


Day 40: Buy a coffee for a stranger

Day 39: Read the radio news


Day 38: Try caviar for the first time


Day 37: Bake a new recipe 


Day 36: Learn how to face paint


Day 35: Buy art for her home


Day 34: Learn how to skateboard


Day 33: Use a new hack

Day 32: Give boxing a go!


Day 31: Wear something your child picks you

Day 30: Back a trailer

Day 29: Test out your shorthand writing skills


Day 28: Kids choose what Toni has for dinner


Day 27: Jump in the pool in winter 


Day 26: Can you still do a hill start? 


Day 25: Learn to hip hop dance!


Day 24: Balloon animal lessons 


Day 23: Try to draw caricatures 


Day 22: Learn to beat box


Day 21: Plant a vege garden


Day 20: Ice hand bucket challenge


Day 19: Jase and Sam surprise Toni with The Corrs meet and greet! 


Day 18: Learn to make pottery


Day 17: Make Pasta from scratch


Day 16: Try something new for breakfast


Day 15: Make an in flight announcement


Day 14: Hula dance in Hawaii


Day 13: Sunrise in Hawaii


Day 12: Go dancing in Las Vegas


Day 11: Host a radio show from Las Vegas


Day 10: Take a ballsy bet at a casino in Las Vegas


Day 9: Fly business class from Hawaii


Day 8: Try and use chatter rings


Day 7: Watch a movie you've never seen


Day 6: Go on a walk you've never been on


Day 5: Toni's original Tip Top ice cream flavour


Day 4: A GIANT jar of Fix & Fogg peanut butter


Day 3: The France 40: Toni's signature cocktail


Day 2: Toni tries marching in The Music Man


Day 1: Toni's Takeover: Toni takes over the Coast Breakfast music!





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