Dad-To-Be Writes Heartwarming Letter To Expecting Fathers Everywhere

Publish Date
Friday, 22 April 2016, 9:50AM

Josh and Ariana, from Florida, are about to be first-time parents and Josh's eyes have been opened to what pregnancy is really like.

Instead of complaining, or letting Ariana do the work on her own, Josh is taking the pregnancy as an opportunity to learn about Ariana’s strength, stand by her side and school other people who may find themselves expecting a child.

Josh posted these words to his Facebook page the other day, and it has since gone viral:


 The post reads:

"Pregnancy is the best experience for me. It's taught me so much that I thought I have had already knew, it gives you frustrations, irritation, love, caring more than you ever have, patience and respect. I now have a completely point of view on pregnancy, it is so much work, (but also heartwarming). Every second is worth it, it has literally taken my fiancé and took over her body and with all the stress, aching and using the bathroom and sickness throughout the entire day, they hurt, they get so emotional and fatigue and they can't explain why, but that's where you come in, make her feel that it's okay to cry, get upset, mad and laugh out of no where and make her feel like she is a damn queen. Because she is creating a life and that is so interesting and amazing to me. Make her smile every damn day because her view of her own self is changing, her hormones are going 2M mph, she gaining weight and she's thinking that it's making her less beautiful but reality is that she's even more beautiful than ever. As a father and a catering fiancé I can honestly say this is the best school you can attend and be there every time she needs the daddy, be the damn father and love her and remind her how beautiful she is because this is the best experience that I have ever been through and I've learned so much and for all that you women go through, I respect you and you have my vote. I have a different view on pregnancy now that I'm experiencing it for myself. The best education a man could be given."

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