Mum Mistakenly Packs Booze For Lunch

Publish Date
Thursday, 12 May 2016, 11:28AM

If you've thought the colourful labelling on some pre-mixed alcoholic drinks looks like it would be better suited to a juice bottle, you aren't alone.

A teen from Georgia, USA, was bemused to find a bottle of booze in her lunch box, which her mum had mistaken for an energy drink.

Kenzie Strange, 17, tweeted about her mum's innocent mistake, and the image has been viewed a quarter of a million times.

The image shows the alcopop, called a Four Loko, which has a bright pink and yellow label and 'strawberry lemonade' written down the side of the bottle.

While the drink looks innocent, it contains 12 per cent alcohol.

Kenzie quickly texted her mum to ask what she thought what the drink was, and her confused mother replied, "IDK (I don't know), I think tea. Or energy [drink]? It was in the refrigerator downstairs."

The booze apparently belonged to Kenzie's 23-year-old sibling.

The teen reportedly threw the drink away to avoid getting in to trouble at school, and her amusing tweet has been retweeted more than 97,000 times.



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