Small Things That Mean The World To A Woman

Publish Date
Thursday, 29 January 2015, 2:29PM

According to writer James Michael Sama, there are Fifteen Small Things That Mean The World To A Woman:

  1. Remember her friends' names.
  2. Clean up after yourself.
  3. Actually tell her how you feel.
  4. Don't pressure her into anything.
  5. Don't criticize her food/drink choices.
  6. Don't take forever to respond to her text.
  7. Watch what she wants to watch.
  8. Learn to cook.
  9. Give her massages.
  10. Take her on a date.
  11. Whatever you're getting, get her one too: Coffee, water, dessert,
    a new drill ...
  12. Give her space.
  13. Listen. Just listen.
  14. Don't talk badly about your ex(es).
  15. Go shopping with her.

Not sure whether or not this list is patronising (and generalising) or brilliant! I like most of them except the last one (I prefer to shop alone). What do you think?

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