WATCH: The iconic music video for Pātea Maori Club's 'Poi E'

Publish Date
Thursday, 24 September 2020, 4:18PM

I'm hoping to get 'Poi E' to number one on our Feel Good 500 Countdown, so what better time to share this iconic video than now.

This uplifting music video from 1984 is as famous as the chart-busting song itself.

Accompanied by Jo, the breakdancing guide, for a tour of Patea and surrounds, the Patea Maori Club were captured "just doing their thing", "bopping and twirling like piwakawaka" at the Aotea Waka Memorial on Patea's main street where milk tankers and sheep trucks pass by.

Plus, look out for the late, great Dalvanius doing a pūkana out a car window.

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