Publish Date
Tuesday, 25 July 2017, 1:43PM

✓ Granola: It’s all carbs.  Granola contains tons of sugar and 1 cup can easily amount to upwards of 500 calories. 


✓ Gluten-free foods (if you’re not gluten sensitive): Going gluten-free for the heck of it may actually do more harm than good because gluten-free foods usually have less dietary fibre and other nutrients. 


✓ Gatorade: It has loads of sugar. There are lots of other sources of electrolytes out there!


✓ Low-fat foods: A lot of food that is ‘low in fat’ is actually higher in calories because they add sugar to it.  Besides, removing fat means removing flavour.


✓ Dehydrated fruit: Dried fruit is another sugar-trap. Not only that, much of the vitamin content is lost in the dehydration process.


✓ Almond milk: You have to get the unsweetened plain one.  Otherwise it is full of added sugars. 


✓ Flat bread: Same calories, but flat.

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