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Thursday, 25 August 2016, 1:12PM

 The world’s longest aircraft is likely going to have a similarly lengthy repair bill after a bit of a bumpy landing on Wednesday during its 2nd test flight in the UK.

The US$33.1 million, 92-metre-long ‘Airlander 10′, nicknamed ‘The Flying Bum’ for its pert, round back-end, was returning to the Cardington airfield in Bedfordshire when a line hanging from the plane reportedly got tangled on a telephone pole and caused the plane to slow-mo its way into a nosedive.

A rep for manufacturer Hybrid Air Vehicles refutes the pole claim, but says the company is assessing what happened.

The crew is safe, with no injuries reported.

"The Independent"


The Airlander 10 had its maiden voyage just a week ago - watch the video and see why it's called "The Flying Bum"

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