A Hospital Broke The Rules To Make Sure A Married Couple of 68 Years Wouldn't Be Separated

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Wednesday, 24 August 2016, 1:03PM

Georgia couple Tom and Arnisteen Clark have been married for 68 years (Tom is 96 and Arnisteen is 92) and have only been separated twice since they've been married: The first, when Tom was stationed in the Korean War, and the second, when the two were recently hospitalised but weren't allowed to stay in the same room.

There is a strict building policy that prohibits orthopedic patients from sharing private rooms, but the staff at Piedmont Fayette Hospital worked quickly to change that.

The hospital staff brought Tom to visit Arnisteen, and he immediately teared up. "I just can't be away from her, she's the finest woman in the world," he reportedly said when he was reunited with his one true love.

The hospital shared the photo, above, on Facebook, along with a message about their love story: "Fayetteville residents Tom and Arnisteen Clark have been married for 68 years. The only time they have been apart during their marriage is when Tom, an Army veteran, was stationed in Korea. This made their stay in different rooms in the hospital very difficult for them, so Tina Mann, Manager, Orthopedics Medical-Surgical 4, with help from the clinical staff, went above and beyond to make a special arrangement for Tom, 96, to visit his wife, in her room. Overcome with joy, he wept as he described the deep love he has for Arnisteen, 92. Here's hoping for a speedy recovery for the Clarks and many more happy years together."

The hospital's social media specialist, Charlsie Niemiec told ABC news of the visitation, "Tina got some help with the clinical staff to go above and beyond to get special visitation rights. He was able to sit there with her for a few hours every single day."

What a sweet love story. We hope the Clarks have a speedy recovery and return home — together — very shortly!

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