Bored At Work? This Personality Test Reveals The Best Job For You

Publish Date
Tuesday, 25 October 2016, 2:46PM

Are you happy with your job? Do you ever get the feeling you might be better suited to a different career path altogether?

There are a number of personality tests used to shine a light on workers strengths and weaknesses, the most famous of which is probably the Myers-Briggs test - which places people into one of 16 distinct personality types.

Another, the more recently devised Holland Occupational Themes test offers a slightly more streamlined alternative.

The test is based on the work of John Holland, an American psychologist who identified six personality types: Realistic; Investigative; Artistic; Social; Enterprising; and Conventional.

• Realistic: characterised as "doers", Realistic types are said to prefer "things rather than ideas or people [...] being outdoors, using tools, operating machines, interacting with animals, and working with their hands."

• Investigative: characterised as "thinkers", Investigative types prefer "activities that involve thought, observation, investigation, exploration, and discovery."

• Artistic: characterised as "creators", Artistic types prefer to "work with ideas, abstractions, and concepts."

• Social: characterised as "helpful", Social types prefer tasks that involve "socializing, helping others, and teaching [...] teamwork [and] social interaction."

• Enterprising: characterised as "persuaders", Enterprising types prefer "leadership, business, politics, public speaking [...], being in charge, taking risks, debating, and competing."

• Conventional: characterised as "social", Conventional types prefer "socializing, helping others, and teaching [...] teamwork, social interaction, relationship building [... and] humanitarian, educational, philanthropic, interpersonal, and service-oriented."

Based on these types, reseachers developed the Holland Codes career test, consisting of 48 example tasks.

Rate each one by how much you would enjoy performing it and the test will provide you with a RIASEC score - along with a link a database of occupations sorted by the Holland Code - and you could be one step closer to finding a profession more suited to your personality type.

Click here to take the test.