Can't Sleep? Read This...

Publish Date
Friday, 27 May 2016, 10:23AM

Scientists believe that the reason you can't get to sleep is largely down to anxiety - even if you don't consciously realise it.

So - what can we do to get our Zzz's?  

  1. Play Music
    We're talking CLASSICAL MUSIC. Classical Music with a bpm of 60-80 should do the trick and lull you to sleep AND has the added bonus of (according to a study back in 08) making you feel less depressed.

  2. Force Yourself To Stay Awake
    It's the whole 'reverse psychology' thing. A stiudy at Glasgow Uni showed participants who were asked to try and stay awake fell asleep more quickly than those who weren't.

  3. Get Lavender
    Yup, the herb apparently calms nerves, drops your blood pressure and makes you R E L A X.  Which leads to sleep.

  4. Do something!
    Easier said than done, but experts believe tasks that involve your hand and your head are the best.

  5. Wash Your Face With Cold Water
    If you put your face in cold water for about thirty seconds and keep it there, it resets your nervous system which gets you into dreamland faster.

  6. No Digital Screens
    Cut out Facebook, texting, and emailing before bedtime because it will NOT help you sleep. Apparently, the light from mobile and computer screens actually suppresses the hormones that encourage sleep.
  7. Take A Warm Shower
    You know that painful moment when you step out of a warm shower into freezing cold air? It's actually good for bringing on sleep because it slows your metabolism down and gets you ready for Zzz's.

  8. Hide The Clock
    Seeing the time tick by can make you anxious, and it'll be even more stressful when your eyes can't close. If you've got a digital clock, turn it away from where you can see it.

  9. Make Your Room Colder
    Your body temp drops while you're sleeping, and experts reckon when it's colder outside, your body will work better at regulating.

  10. Stick To A Schedule
    This can be really hard if you have to wake up earlier some days than others, or are particularly social during the week.  Scientists say that if you go to bed at the same time every night (including weekends) then you'll nod off WAY quicker.