Financial expert believes all couples should have seperate bank accounts ...

Publish Date
Wednesday, 26 July 2017, 6:26PM

 A recent study found that arguments about money was by far the top predictor of divorce. 

Many men and women have hidden a bank or credit card account that their live-in spouse or partner doesn’t know about - 

A financial expert is recommending that all couples maintain separate bank accounts from the get-go.  Perhaps the thinking is that if one partner doesn’t have free access to the couple’s cash, they are going to open a secret account anyway.

Here are the reasons for separate accounts:

1.  Release Valve: Because it is impossible to agree on every single financial transaction, having your own bank account provides a release valve when partners don’t completely see eye-to-eye on a particular expense so that pressure doesn’t build up to the point of explosion.

2.  The Insurance Policy: If something bad were to happen to one of you and the legal system  ties up your assets in probate, or if the life insurance company decides not to pay out the claim, having your own finances can help you comfortably wait out the storm while the legal wheels turn.

3.  The Financial Trainer:  Just like how a workout buddy helps motivate you to do one more set or eat one less slice of pizza, your spouse can help motivate you to earn and save more as well.

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