Flight Attendant Pet Peeves!

Publish Date
Thursday, 27 August 2015, 12:56PM

If you think flying is stressful, try being a flight attendant. A few of the things they get tired of putting up with, according to a new Facebook poll …


✗ People who walk around barefoot throughout the plane.

✗ Parents who leave dirty diapers all over the place.

✗ Those who take forever to choose a drink even though they’ve seen the drink cart coming down the aisle for a half-hour.

✗ Passengers who are unaware they are yelling because they’re using headphones.

✗ Trash stuffed in seatback pockets, even though attendants do regular garbage pickups.

✗ Passengers who get up to use the washroom right before landing or while meals are being served.

✗ Worriers who keep asking if they’ll make their next flight because they’ve booked tight connections.

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