Publish Date
Thursday, 31 August 2017, 1:30PM

 ❑ Tomatoes – They lose their flavour AND stop ripening. (So leave them on the window sill and  eat them up in that 6-hour ‘ripeness’ window!)

❑ Basil – It will wilt faster if left in the fridge, and it will also absorb all the smells of the food around it.

❑ Potatoes – The cold will turn its starch into sugar more quickly, and you’ll be left with a sweet, gritty potato.  (Unless you LIKE sweet, gritty potatoes…)

❑ Onions – The moisture of the fridge will eventually turn them soft and moldy.

❑ Avocados – If you want them to ripen, definitely don’t put them in the refrigerator. However, if you’ve bought an already-ripe avocado that you don’t want to use right away, that’s ok to put in the fridge.

❑ Garlic – Eventually, garlic will start to sprout in the fridge, and it may also get rubbery and moldy.

❑ Bread – The fridge will quickly dry out your bread.  (Not with a teenager in the house!)

❑ Olive Oil – Should be in a cool, dark place, but not the fridge, where it will condense and turn to a harder, almost butter-like consistency.

❑ Coffee – It will lose its flavour and actually take on some of the odours in the fridge. (Not the aroma that you were looking for…)

❑ Honey – It  will stay good basically forever if you simply keep it tightly sealed. Keeping honey in the refrigerator can cause it to crystalize.

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