How Many Calories Does Your Favourite Alcoholic Beverage Have?

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Monday, 20 June 2016, 1:50PM

We all love a drink after work, while watching TV or having a meal with our partner. These are regular drinking habits have become the norm for many of us.

Many people think beer and wine are packed full of sugars, but this is not quite true. The sugars found in the fruits and bases that make up many drinks are actually fermented and converted into alcohol.

So, here's a list of the most popular alcoholic drinks and the calories and sugar they actually contain:

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WHISKY 100 proof 42ml 17.8 124
WHISKY 86 proof 30ml 10.8 75
VODKA 80 proof 30ml 10 69.3
RUM 80 proof 30ml 10 69.3
GIN 90 proof 30ml 11.37 78.9
WHITE WINE 120ml 12.36 98.4
RED WINE 120ml 12.72 102
WINE ROSE 120ml 11.8 102