Publish Date
Tuesday, 21 January 2020, 12:02PM

➢ Portion control:  Eat from a smaller plate or put less food on your plate. And never eat anything from a package. 

➢ Eat more fiber:  It’s a natural appetite suppressant, and has a good effect on your gut. Get it from whole grains, beans, fruits and veggies. 

➢ Load up on protein:  It also helps you feel full, and takes a long time to digest. Get it from fish, chicken, turkey, eggs and low-fat dairy 

➢ Get enough sleep:  It all comes down to hormones…sleep deprivation leads to weight gain. When you’re tired, you’re also more likely to grab hi-carb comfort foods.

➢ Weigh yourself:  It can provide some really important feedback before things start to snowball. Experts suggest weighing yourself several times per week 

➢ Hydrate, hydrate, hydrate:  Sometimes when you think you’re hungry, you’re actually thirsty. In between meals, and before a snack or meal, try drinking a big glass of water. And carry a bottle with you throughout the day. 

➢ Cut down on sugar:  Not only can it lead to weight gain itself, it also tends to be found in foods that are very high in calories. And remember, it is found in all kinds of foods…like bread, salad dressing, and peanut butter. 

➢ Eat more mindfully:  Slow down, chew more, and don’t be distracted when you’re eating. You’ll be more likely to notice when you’re full, and eat less as a result.


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