Publish Date
Thursday, 20 October 2016, 7:16PM

 Psychiatrists say the way couples cuddle up in bed – or don’t – reveals the true state of their relationship. For instance …

• ‘Allowing a Child to Sleep in the Bed’ – When one partner repeatedly does this, it shows fear of being alone with the other.

• ‘Cliffhanger’ – A couple positioned back-to-back on opposite sides of the bed means they’re avoiding a lot of issues and don’t trust each other.

• ‘Leg Hug’ – Legs wrapped together but no conventional hugging. They need contact but have an equal relationship and lead independent lives.

• ‘Sleeping With a Pet’ – When one partner insists on bringing a pet to bed, he/she needs more affection, fears rejection and wants to put a barrier between themselves and their partner.

• ‘Spoons’ – One partner cuddled up close to the other’s back says you feel safe and trust your partner and are not worried about being taken advantage of.

• ‘Sweethearts Cradle’ – One person on their back, arm round the other whose head is on the first’s chest. A couple content to play different roles and not locked in a power struggle. The partner on their back has a more dominant and protective role.

• ‘Zen Position’ – Back-to-back with butts touching. Feeling close and relaxed but not putting much effort into the relationship.