Rambo The German Sheppard Saves Owners From Lightning Strike

Publish Date
Wednesday, 1 July 2015, 3:05PM

A Colorado hiker and several of his friends say their lives were saved by a German Sheppard when lightning struck at the top of a 14,000 foot peak.

When the group began hiking the  skies were clear but when the neared thee summit clouds began to darken. A lightning bolt hit knocking the group to the ground.

A storm was coming: A group of hikers in Colorado reached a 14,000 peak on Sunday right as the weather changed. When lightning struck, a dog likely saved its owner's life. They are pictured here upon reaching the summit. At right are Rambo and his owner Jonathan Hardman
This photo was taken the day of the accident while climbing Mount Bierstadt.

After the bolt hit and the dust settled the hikers found Rambo (the German Sheppard) dead. Doctors later told the group the K9 had likely taken the brunt of the strike, which saved their lives. 

Jonathan Hardman appeared to be the closest to the strike with an open wound on the top of his head and feather shaped burns on his neck. 

In the midst of such a horrifying event Rambo was Jonathan's only concern. 

'I wasn't going to leave without my dog, and one of the hikers up there he was trying to carry my dog down but he was 70 pounds. I saw him trying to carry his lifeless body over his shoulder, eventually, the hikers were forced to leave Rambo's limp body behind, so  they could get themselves medical attention down the mountain.'

'He was right at my side' Jonathan said. 'And if it weren't for him, I might have had that whole thing in my body alone' 

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