Publish Date
Tuesday, 12 July 2016, 10:52AM

• You flossed right before your appointment … and that’s the only time. The gums of people who only floss right before a visit are often bleeding or look damaged.

• You bite your nails. Signs include chips and cracking of your teeth, plus wear and tear from the constant stress on them.

• You have reflux, bronchitis, or kidney failure. Dentists are trained to identify ‘fruity’ and ‘fishy’ smells, which can be a sign of numerous maladies.

• You have a sinus infection. The roots of your top teeth are positioned in the same area as the floor of the sinuses. Both sinus infections and toothaches can show symptoms of pressure.

• You have a vitamin deficiency. That can lead to burning tongue syndrome, tissue sloughing off, increased infections, delayed healing, and easy-to-bleed gums.

• You have diabetes. Imbalances in sugar often lead to a rapid change in the health of your gums, including increased swelling, bleeding, and sensitivity.

• You have oral cancer. The first signs can include unexplained bleeding; white, red, or speckled patches; and swelling, thickening, lumps, or eroded areas.

• You love soft drinks. Teeth can be softened by sodas and other sugary beverages as well as more acidic energy drinks, both of which can make teeth more susceptible to chipping.