The biggest misconceptions about cologne and perfume ...

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Thursday, 20 July 2017, 2:13PM

Here are the myths and the mythbusters:

MYTH:  Fragrance should be stored in the bathroom. MYTHBUSTER: Heat and moisture can cause the scent oils to break down faster, spoiling the fragrance’s smell.


MYTH: How a fragrance smells on a piece of paper is the same as how it smells on skin. MYTHBUSTER: It’s impossible to tell by sniffing a piece of paper how a fragrance will smell when mixed on your skin. A fragrance can also smell slightly differently on different people’s skin.


MYTH: You should apply it by spraying in a cloud and walking through it. MYTHBUSTER: Apply to naturally warmer body areas like your neck and chest.  This will allow the scent to dissipate evenly throughout the day. Cardinal rule: Don’t overdo it. 


MYTH:  Cologne is for men.  Perfume is for women. MYTHBUSTER: In fact, the terms ‘cologne’ and ‘perfume’ only reference how much fragrance oil is in the mix.


MYTH: You should rub fragrance into the skin. MYTHBUSTER This just breaks down the oils and reduces the longevity of the scent.


MYTH: All fragrances are the same strength. MYTHBUSTER: The strength of the fragrance is directly related to how much fragrance oil is used in the manufacturing process. 


MYTH: Fragrances smell the same from the time you apply them to when they wear off. MYTHBUSTER: Many fragrances are ‘non-linear’ and progress through different notes throughout the day.


MYTH: The more expensive, the better. MYTHBUSTER: Not always.  Sometimes you are paying for an expensive name when cheaper ones will actually wear better. 

* And remember the cardinal rule when it comes to applying fragrance: “Cologne should be discovered, not announced.”


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