Publish Date
Monday, 4 April 2016, 1:13PM

Housework is evil ... it must be stopped! 


But until that happens, try these tips to do it more easily and efficiently …

✓ Cheese Grater – To clean, simply grate a piece of a potato. It’s oxalic acid removes any cheese debris immediately.

✓ Cutting Board – Rub lemon with salt on wooden boards. Salt dislodges dirt; lemon removes unpleasant odours.

✓ Furniture – Using a dryer sheet to dust not only cleans but its anti-static properties help prevent future dust from collecting.

✓ Hair – As bizarre as it sounds, a squeegee is more efficient for removing hair from furniture than a vacuum cleaner. The rubber blade gathers hair into wads that can be easily picked up.

✓ Iron – Put some table salt on the ironing board and iron it. Then, turn the iron off, let it cool down and wipe the bottom with a damp cloth.

✓ Kitchen Sponge – To kill germs, microwave the sponge for 2 minutes on high.

✓ Mattress – Sprinkle  baking soda all over and let it sit a few hours. Then, just vacuum it away.

✓ Microwave – Mix vinegar and water in a cup, zap it for a few minutes on high, wipe clean.

✓ Showerhead – Pour white vinegar in a plastic bag and secure it around the showerhead. After a few hours, take it off and wipe with a wet cloth.