This 'Mary Poppins' Theory Will Blow Your Mind!

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Tuesday, 9 August 2016, 1:08PM

Today would have marked P. L. Travers - the woman behind the Disney classic Mary Poppins - birthday!

We all know and love the story, but now ET Online claims to have uncovered a connection that will totally change the way you see it!

Their mind-blowing theory is: Mary Poppins was actually Bert's nanny long ago.

Here's ET Online's reasons for this theory:

1. The "Supercalifragilisticexpialidocious" Song:
Bert sings: "Because I was afraid to speak/ When I was just a lad/ My father gave me nose a tweak/ And told me I was bad/ But then one day I learned a word/ That saved me achin' nose/ The biggest word I ever heard/ And this is how it goes, oh/ Supercalifragilisticexpialidocious."

Bert explicitly says that, when he was young, he was a scared child who was afraid to speak and had an over-bearing father, until he – as a child – learned that magic word. It's a magical word that really only Mary Poppins knows or uses. There is really no way he could have learned it as a kid unless she taught it to him!

2. Bert's Various Jobs:
In the movie Bert works as a one-man band, a sidewalk chalk artist, a super-chipper chimney sweep, and a kite salesman, but no matter what, he manages to keep a smile on his face. It's as if someone taught him how to find the joy in hard work. Perhaps with a spoonful of sugar?! (Yes. The answer is yes.)

3. Bert's Ominous Introduction:
In the very beginning, Bert predicts, "Wind's in the East/ Mist coming in/ Like something is brewing/ About to begin/ Can't put me finger/ On what lies in store/ But I feel what's to happen all happened before."

It seems vague, but really he's just being coy. It did all happen before, when Mary Poppins was HIS nanny.

4. Bert Never Questions Mary's Magic:
Not when she's flying, not when she's turning a cloud of smoke into a magic staircase and not even when she bends the laws of space, time, physics and reality to transport them to a magical chalk-world universe.

It's all an old hat to him, because he knows all of Mary's magic tricks from when he was a child! It doesn't seem likely that they would have randomly met on the street and Mary just happened to show her reality-bending, universe-jumping supermagic to an arbitrary stranger.

5. But Why Did Bert Age and Not Mary?
She's a magical demi-god. A person who can turn clouds of smoke into solid steps to travel around the rooftops of London and can fly with an umbrella might be able to make herself look perpetually young.

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