Beauden Barrett Plays Bingo during Press Conference!

Publish Date
Thursday, 11 June 2020, 1:45PM
Little did the reporters know...

Little did the reporters know...

Beauden Barrett has done a fair share of press conferences in his time. Being one of the star Blues and All Black's players, he is thrust into the spotlight every time a game is played. 

That's why, this time around, his managers decided to make the conference a bit more interesting for him with a game of 'Press Conference bingo'.

During the conference, Beauden had to be asked about:

Playing against the Hurricanes

Playing against his brother

Training during lockdown

Excitement to be playing

Playing with Dan Carter

And his expectations for the Blues.


And he won! Getting all six in a short space of time. These reporters need to start spicing up the questions! What about, what did you eat for breakfast? Or Most listened to song? Much more exciting! 


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