Claire Chitham commits a fashion crime during the Quick Fire Five

Publish Date
Wednesday, 20 February 2019, 2:03PM

You might know her as Waverly from Shorty, or even Aurora from Outrageous Fortune, but we just know her as Claire Chitham.

The New Zealand actress stopped by the studio to talk about the new black comedy that she is starring in called Fresh Eggs.

While Claire was with Mel and JT, they talked her into doing a Quick Fire Five with them, which didn't end up being too quick.

They covered which character of Claire's is recognised the most, where Claire would travel if money wasn't an issue, and what her most embarrassing outfit was.


Though Claire's response wasn't as outrageous as Nadia's when asked about her outfit, it sounds like the stuff of nightmares.

Watch the full video above! 

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