"Get off the grass!"- Man yells at reporters to get off his new lawn

Publish Date
Friday, 5 June 2020, 2:29PM

Australian prime minister, Scott Morrison was addressing journalists to outline the government’s new HomeBuilder grant when a frustrated resident ventured out from his house.

“Can you guys get off the lawn please?” the man yelled, interrupting Mr Morrison mid-sentence.

“Hey guys, I’ve just reseeded that,” he added, pointing to the grass that reporters, cameramen and photographers were crowded on.

Mr Morrison dutifully instructed the horde to move forward on to the road.

“Sorry, man,” the resident offered.

“It’s all good, thanks,” Mr Morrison replied, giving him the thumbs up – a conciliatory gesture that the man returned.

Speaking later on 2GB Radio, the PM said “people are very house proud” and explained that “this bloke had just built his house and all the media was standing on part of his lawn”.

“And so, he wasn’t yelling at me but he came and said ‘get off my lawn.’ So I ushered them all off the lawned area and he was quite happy then, he said thanks and went back inside.

“So, it was quite funny actually.”

The video of the incident has now gone viral with many people loving the audacity of this casual Aussie Bloke and his love of his lawn. 

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