Is this the worst Valentine's Day gift of all time?

Publish Date
Friday, 22 February 2019, 4:38PM

After all the love of Valentine's day settled, Jt and Mel decided to bring up the topic of the loved up day and the gifts that everyone received.

With an Arbonne pack valued at over $600 on the line, Mel and JT were looking for the best present that someone had received - and they certainly got just that.

When JT answered Diana's call, he did not expect what was about to come...

"There's a 1KG bag of tomatoes with a happy Valentine's Day note sitting on the coffee table," Diana said.

"Do you love tomatoes?" Mel asked.

"I actually do quite like tomatoes, but not for a Valentine's Day present," Diana replied.


When JT asked Diana about the reasoning behind the present, she gave a priceless response that no one saw coming.

Watch the full video above! 

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