JT gives some future Valentine's Day advice to the men of New Zealand

Publish Date
Monday, 25 February 2019, 2:12PM

When Mel and JT were giving away a skincare pack valued at over $600 for the worst Valentine's Day present stories, they received an overwhelming response from the males of New Zealand.

To remedy this situation, JT dished out some free advice to everyone that feels like they're not getting enough presents in return.

"You need to pick a random day of the year, not an anniversary, not on her birthday, just a random day of the year." JT said.

"You want to go all out on that day, get her flowers, get her chocolates, get her a massage, maybe even a night at a hotel," he added.


Surprised by JT's advice, Mel said: "You know what, that is actually sound advice!"

So there you have it, though JT doesn't follow his own advice, it is extremely sound and by the time Valentine's Day rolls around next year, you might receive an amazing present! 

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