Meet Kratu, the Crazy dog who's absolutely rubbish at Dog Shows!

Publish Date
Tuesday, 10 March 2020, 2:03PM

A Romanian rescue dog, who had absolutely zero clue what he was doing at a dog show, has gone viral. While taking the floor at Crufts 2020 — an international dog event held in the UK that tests canine agility, obedience and flyball — Kratu proved he was easily the most chaotic dog in the competition.

Dashing across the course however he damn well pleased, Kratu ran in and out of random tunnels before literally dissembling the course. As his owner, Tessa-Eagle Swan, urged him to jump over a pole, Kratu decided to just take the pole off the stand and run around with it.

Sadly, while people look forward to Kratu’s Crufts runs each year, his shitty 2020 attempt will be his last. Kratu’s owner Tessa took to Twitter to announce her pups retirement from the show, sharing that the pair “had the best time” on their last run. 

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