Mel opens up about her peachy predicament

Publish Date
Thursday, 7 March 2019, 2:45PM

Being anxious about things is something that we all deal with, and we all worry about different things, so Mel and JT decided to talk about this on air.

While JT is concerned about working out the finances of buying a house, Mel's anxiety comes from just outside her backdoor in the form of a peach tree.

"I've got two peach trees and the peaches are either getting eaten by the birds or falling off the tree," Mel said.

"Total neglect has resulted in these two trees being laden with peaches and I physically can't get all the peaches off," she added.

JT didn't seem concerned at all when it came to Mel's peach predicament - he's got his own worries.

"Meanwhile, I'm trying to sort out the finances to buy a house!" he said.


After reading out a few texts that they received on the topic, Coast's resident web guy stopped by to reveal his concerns over rising fuel prices.

His solution to the issue was reasonably straight forward and made a lot of sense.

Watch the full video above! 


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