News reporter left blushing after she accidentally showed her naked husband on live TV

Publish Date
Friday, 24 April 2020, 4:07PM

During the coronavirus lockdown, many of us have been forced to work from home.

This has meant a lot of us are trying to do our everyday job in less than ideal situations and unsurprisingly a few blunders have occurred as a result.

One news reporter found herself in a very awkward situation when she accidentally filmed her naked husband in the shower during a segment on how to cut your hair while quarantining at home.

Melinda Meza, a correspondent for KCRA 3 in Sacramento, and her x-rated mistake have since gone viral after it was spotted by viewers.

In the clip, Melinda can be seen standing in her bathroom at home, in front of a sink and two mirrors.

As she demonstrates how she trims her own fringe, eagle-eyed watchers couldn't help but notice the reflection of her husband, Mike de Lambert, in one of the mirrors behind her.


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