The things Millennials can't do

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Friday, 20 April 2018, 1:52PM
Photo / Eada

Photo / Eada

JT found some interesting research on Millennials recently on how well they’re able to do day to day household tasks. Turns out they rate pretty poorly when it comes to knowing how to boil eggs, change tyres and even using a washing machine according to a study done by Good Housekeeping, which might not surprise you.

The study showed that those aged between 18 and 26 confessed to struggle to get to grips with some of these easier tasks.

From the 2000 participants: 40% could not confidentially sew on a button, 76% cannot change a tyre, 33% cannot boil an egg,  77% cannot shorten a hem, 50% cannot confidentially Iron a shirt and 37% could not make a cake without a recipe. 81% of these millennials admit to googling how to do basic jobs and 62% admit to calling parents for help!

 Dr Laura Markham, a parenting specialist, says “Millennials are living at home for longer, and that may mean they don’t need to learn basic skills as someone else has always done it. Plus they are a busy generation that are actively doing things, which means parents tend to help them more and consequently not knowing how to do these things for themselves.”

So there you have it, Millennials may be tech-savvy but you’ll always need to know those basics to make it out on your own!

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