Tom Hanks reveals some big secrets in an Interview conducted by children!

Publish Date
Wednesday, 4 March 2020, 3:37PM

Children asked Tom Hanks a range of probing questions for a new BBC Radio 1 clip.

The interview is hard-hitting and intense. 

Hanks, who has been busy promoting “Toy Story 4”, admitted he doesn’t like all kids before the interview even started.

He insisted, “Out of the millions I’ve met, five or six are little monsters.”

But he revealed he does like a nice low number every once in a while, singing with his chin on his chest to make his voice even deeper.

Another kid asked Hanks about his love of Aston Villa Football Club, while one asked the star how much cash he had in his wallet.

One also asked him where he parked his yacht, with Hanks insisting he didn’t even know he had one.

If only all journalists were children, fake news would be a thing of the past and hard-hitting facts would be in. 


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