WATCH: Air NZ's Latest saftey video! Plus a few from the past...

Publish Date
Friday, 28 February 2020, 11:44AM

Air New Zealand has changed direction with its latest safety video released today.

This, the 20th in a decade-long series, features no cameos from local or international celebrities.

The clip instead features the story of a young girl travelling through the country, emphasising the importance of the environment alongside a quirky takahē called Mr T.

The content in the clip is very much in keeping with the airline's sustainability push amid growing concern about the impact of flying and tourism.

This safety video, which was developed by independent advertising agency Pitchblack, follows on from last year's clip, which was Rugby World Cup-themed and packed with a wide spread of local and international superstars.

It's safe to say that Air New Zealand does some of the best saftey videos in the world!

Check out some of the best below!

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