AI has revealed what Elvis Presley would look like if he were still alive today

Publish Date
Monday, 4 September 2023, 5:18PM
Photos / Bang! Showbiz, DALL-E 2

Photos / Bang! Showbiz, DALL-E 2

Prepare to feel strangely emotional... because AI DALL-E 2 has generated images of what Elvis would look like if he were still alive today.

The late King of Rock and Roll, died in 1977 aged 42, and would have been 88 this year if he was still alive. 

In photos created by the DALL-E 2 AI, Elvis still has his iconic quiff of hair, although now streaked with grey. One image even shows Elvis's teeth tinged with blue and yellow.

New computer-generated photos have shown what the iconic musician would have looked like today. Photo / DALL-E 2
Photos created by DALL-E 2 AI show the “Jailhouse Rock” slimmer, yet with wrinkles. Photo / DALL-E 2
Elvis's hair is still intact. Photo / DALL-E 2
His teeth are tinged with yellow and blue. Photo / DALL-E 2


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