Australian cancer patient left upset after Kmart cuts up his cards from his wallet left in-store

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Friday, 27 September 2019, 1:51PM

An Australian cancer patient has found out the hard way about Kmart's bizarre lost property policy.

Glenn Darby accidentally left his wallet in the discount department store in Western Australia.

When he returned the next day to collect his wallet, he was left shocked to find out an employee had cut up all of his cards, instead of handing it into police.

"The lady said to me, 'You're not going to be happy'. I asked why's that, and she said, 'We had to cut up all your cards, it's store policy'," Darby told Nine News.

"It just seemed aggressive to me, cutting like that. It was bizarre."

Along with both of his bank cards, the Kmart employee has also destroyed his medical alert card, Medicare card and a $100 fuel voucher from the Cancer Council.

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The father-of-four - who was recently diagnosed with a rare oesophagus cancer - needs to be able to access the number on the medical alert card at all times.

"I ring the number to say what do I do or I need help," he said.

"If my chemo port comes out, it goes everywhere. It's like poison coming out everywhere and interrupts my treatment, and I need it to beat this."

Kmart has since apologised for the incident.

A spokeswoman said: "We deeply regret and sincerely apologise for the incident that occurred in our Busselton store.

"Kmart do have a lost property policy in place for stores, which does not involve the destruction of all personal cards, as has occurred in this situation. This was an unfortunate mistake, and we apologise for the inconvenience caused. We are working with this customer directly to rectify the situation."

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