Australian government left redfaced with accidental new x-rated Women's Network logo

Publish Date
Wednesday, 16 March 2022, 3:53PM

They had one job ...

But a new Women's Network logo has been withdrawn by the Australian Prime Minister’s Department after it was widely mocked for its phallic-like appearance.

The garish purple motif - which features a coiled 'W' next to a long purple cylinder - was unveiled this week much to the shock of the Australian public.

Following outrage at the design, a spokesman claimed the emblem was created to "establish a consistent look and feel" with the network's former logos.

He continued: "The rebrand was completed internally, using existing resources, and designs were consulted on widely.

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"The logo has been removed from the department's website, pending consultation with staff."

Aussie flooded social media to share their thoughts on the design, with one writing: "I am a graphic designer and this is the worst logo I've ever seen."

Another added: "'I'm honestly at a point where I don't know if they are just so incredibly stupid or if they are doing it intentionally because they are just so misogynistic."

"No logical mind in existence would entertain this as a coincidence/accident," someone else said.

Others speculated the ill-favoured choice of the colour purple is identical to the eggplant emoji - an emoji that has been widely repurposed to symbolise someone's manhood.

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