Bradley Walsh hilariously tells The Chase contestant to "go on a different show" after bad advice

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Wednesday, 15 April 2020, 3:55PM

The Chase viewers were left in hysterics following a recent episode of the quiz show after host Bradley Walsh told a contestant to "take part in other TV shows."

Facing off against Anne Hegerty, Luke put on an impressive display when he earned £7,000 during his cash builder round.

In the usual fashion, the much-loved host asked the team their opinion on whether Luke should take the money he earned or exchange it for a higher or lower amount.

Which is when things heated up ...

Rather than encourage her co-contestant to take the £7,000 against The Governess, Donna made the sin of suggesting he opt for the dreaded low offer.

Horrified by her response, Walsh snapped: "What! He's just got £7,000!"

Donna explained: "Yeah, but we need all the players we can get!"

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Luke decided against her advice and stuck with the £7,000 - which Anne agreed with, saying: "I knew you weren't going to go low."

The Doctor Who star cheekily added: "Who goes low?!"

Before he told the 44-year-old contestant: "Donna, please take part in other TV shows."

Poor Donna!


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