Construction worker wows with stunning piano performance

Publish Date
Thursday, 12 October 2023, 10:45AM

A video of a construction worker in London has made the rounds on social media again, and we're very happy it has.

The original video, posted in 2018, shows a construction worker spontaneously sit down at a train station piano and begin playing.

Starting off slowly, the pianist begins to show off his skills as passersby begin taking videos and admiring his astounding talent. 

At the end of his performance, in typical construction worker fashion, he gets up from the piano and walks off in a nonchalant manner as if it's just another day. 

The video titled 'When you realise you're in the wrong job' has now been viewed over 12 million times, with many commenting their thoughts. 

"Remember kids, always wear a safe helmet when you are building emotions" one comment said, while another compared the man to Ludwig van Beethoven and The Village People.

You can watch the video above! What a star!

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