Countdown launches cute eco-friendly collectable bricks so you can build your own supermarket!

Publish Date
Thursday, 4 November 2021, 12:31PM

From tiny shop to Disney tiles, there's no denying people across the country go crazy for supermarket collectibles.

And now Countdown has just released the cutest and most conscious collectibles yet!

Allow us to introduce you to Countdown Bricks ...

The Lego-like brick collectables let customers build their own environmentally-friendly supermarket with aisles of shopping, solar power panels and fun figurines.

And the best part is, unlike previous versions of miniature collectables which have been criticised for their use of plastic, the Countdown minis are made from at least 80 per cent recycled plastic - from items including discarded fridges, swimming goggles and old luggage handles – and are Certified by Environmental Choice New Zealand (ECNZ).

The collectables will hit stores on Friday 5 November until Sunday 19 December.

Customers will receive one pack for every whole $30 they spend in store at Countdown or online, with 40 unique sets to collect.

Those keen to expand their play, extras including Starter Kits, electric vehicles, playmats and additional figurines are also available to buy.

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