Disney has just released its Christmas advert and it is a total tearjerker

Publish Date
Thursday, 12 November 2020, 10:34AM

You can always rely on Disney to warm the cockles and pull on the heartstrings and their Christmas ad for this year is no different ...

However, it should probably come with a warning to have a box of tissues at the ready!

The short film, titled From Our Family To Yours, starts its tale in 1940, when a young Filipina girl is given a Mickey Mouse toy by her father.

The advert then fast forwards to 60-plus years later, when Lola becomes a grandmother and decides to share her cherished toy with her granddaughter during an afternoon spent making paper chains.

But over the years, the granddaughter loses interest in having arts-and-crafts time with her grandmother, much to Lola's disappointment.

Eventually, the girl grows out of her teenage funk and decides to do something special for her grandmother after coming home to find Mickey's ear has dropped off; the toy discarded on the floor.

She fills Lola’s living room with Christmas decorations, like the ones they used to make together.

Then comes the pièce de resistance, as the girl presents her grandmother with a box, containing the original Mickey with his broken ear sewn back on.

It’s a heartwarming tale that has left millions of people across the world drying their eyes after watching the advert.

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