Food-lovers outraged as Dame Alison Holst disappears from Kiwi sausage roll packets

Publish Date
Thursday, 14 January 2021, 1:32PM

We know that we when it comes to our Coast listeners, sausage rolls are one of your favourite Kiwi delicacies! 

Because what could be better than light, flaky, buttery pastry filled with juicy porky goodness?

But sadly, for New Way sausage roll fans Dame Alison Holst will no longer feature on its packaging.

Thanks to a packaging revamp, the New Zealand brand will now be selling sausage rolls in a cardboard tray encased in a single wrapper, rather than sheathed in layer upon layer of plastic.

Which is great for the environment, but not so good for fans of the much-loved chef.

Taking to Reddit, sausage roll fans vented their outrage at the loss of Holst's endorsement.

"Oh no I don't think I'd recognise the brand without her on it. That's sad," one user wrote.

"It feels wrong to not have Dame Alison on it," a second added.

Holst hung up her apron in 2015 after it was revealed she had been diagnosed with dementia.

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