Gordon Ramsey shares his hack for making "restaurant-quality" hash browns at home

Publish Date
Saturday, 16 July 2022, 10:59AM

What better way to start the day than with an iconic Kiwi Big Breakfast.

Combining all our favourites; bacon, sausages, hash browns and eggs, it really is a hearty and satisfying meal.

But if you've ever tried to cook crispy hash browns at home, you know that they rarely turn out exactly like the kind you get at a restaurant.

According to Gordon Ramsay, the key to getting the right flavour involves an ingredient you may not associate with hash browns.

The celebrity chef has revealed that he doesn't just grate his potatoes, he also grates a bit of raw onion and mixes the two together.

"That way, you get that nice balance of the onion flavour running through every little shard of potato," he explains.

That savoury, intoxicating flavour you taste when you eat hash browns at a restaurant? As it turns out, it's probably just onion. But that's far from Ramsay's only hash brown trick.

Ramsay also revealed you need to remove as much moisture as possible before cooking.

After salting, seasoning, and oiling the grated potato and onion, transfer it to a strainer and squeeze until the excess water is gone.

And voila! You'll be left with crispy, flavoursome, restaurant-quality hash browns!

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