Gordon Ramsey shares his secret for perfect fried eggs

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Saturday, 28 May 2022, 4:07PM

There's no better way to start the day, than with a plate of delicious sunny-side-up fried eggs!

But what's not ideal, is overcooked rubbery eggs which can easily happen when whipping up the breakfast staple.

@gordonramsayofficial The best thing to enhance a dish…put an #egg on it ! Heres some tips to fry the perfect egg ! #ramsayin10 @hexclad #tiktokcooks #learnontiktok ♬ original sound - Gordon Ramsay

So Gordon Ramsay has revealed his secret hack to get perfectly soft and silky golden fried eggs - and it does not disappoint!


  • Eggs (obviously)

  • Butter

  • Olive oil

  • Red pepper flakes

  • Salt and pepper to taste

  • Method:

    1. Drizzled "a little bit of olive oil" into your pan over heat.


    2. Take your pan off the heat and crack your eggs on a flat surface before adding to the pan.


    3. Add a "touch of salt, a touch of pepper" and the red pepper flakes.

    4. Put the pan back on the heat and let it cook nice and slowly.


    5. Now for the most important step — the butter. Cut three thin slices of butter and place them on the sides of your eggs.


    6. Let the butter melt into the eggs, which Ramsay says helps to cook the top of the eggs and ensure that the yolks come out beautiful.


    7. Take your eggs off the heat and let them sit for a moment.


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