Graham Norton shares hilarious compilation of his favourite Kiwi stories on the Red Chair

Publish Date
Friday, 25 August 2023, 1:13PM

Graham Norton has a huge fan base in New Zealand – and the feeling is mutual...

Especially when it comes to his famous red chair!

The segment on his much-loved talk show allows a person to tell an interesting story from their life, while celebrity guests watch and decide whether or not to pull a lever to tip the storyteller out of the chair.

Kiwis frequently feature, because as Norton says we're "very good at telling stories."

"A thick New Zealand accent is inherently funny. I think it brightens up any story. People are already laughing before any story happens."

And now he has compiled his favourite Kiwi stories that have featured on the Red Chair over the years - so if you're looking for a hilarious pick-me-up, look no further...

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