Grandmother goes viral with her genius life hack for folding the dreaded fitted sheet

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Monday, 3 October 2022, 4:57PM

One Australian grandmother has taken the world by storm after she shared her super simple hack for folding the dreaded fitted sheet.

The woman's daughter named Amy Danastas took to TikTok to share her clever trick - which has since been viewed over 4.6 million times.

Many people often have trouble with this notoriously hard to fold piece of bed linen, and yet somehow the grandmother makes it look so so simple as she walks away with a neat square.

And the answer to your problems is probably already sitting in your backyard; a clothesline or a piece of wire.

The handy grandma folds the fitted sheet while it still hangs on the line.

First, she spreads the fitted sheet out across one line of her clothesline. Then she folds each side of the sheet into one skinny line.

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Afterwards, she carefully slides the sheet off the line while keeping the same shape.

Finally, she folds it over several times in her arms before leaving it in a small, neat square.

Better living everyone!

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