Irish dad goes viral with uncontrollable laugh while recording son's birthday message

Publish Date
Wednesday, 13 January 2021, 11:36AM

Vincent McDonnell or the man now known as the 'laughing dad' has gone viral with the hilarious bloopers from his son's birthday video. 

McDonnell was being filmed by his younger son Paul, as he attempted to record a message for his son David, who was celebrating his 40th birthday in Australia. 

The McDonnell's were hoping to make the trip Downunder for David's special day, but given the current situation, it was not to be so a recorded message was suggested. 

As soon as the camera starts rolling, Vincent simply can't control his laughter... 

Paul then decided to post the video clip to Twitter where it elapsed over 1 million views in 24 hours, with the hashtag #HelloDavid trending worldwide. 

Watch the clip above, and let's see how long you can keep a straight face for! 


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